Here’s a rushed mini-comic of a joke that didn’t make it in to hold you guys over. As you may have guessed, we had reasons for not using this ending…Enjoy!



Please Forgive Us! There have been delays!

Greetings to all of our beloved fans! Unfortunately there has been delays over the story due to structural problems. We are working hard to fix them and bring you a wonderful story full of adventure, intrigue and space stuff. In the meanwhile here is a joke idea that originally was going to be in “Future Physics Class in the FUTURE! Part 1” but ultimately did not make the cut because it broke the flow and other reasons….(our lawyers recommended we not include it). But now you get to enjoy it! Again sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience! Enjoy!



Rejoice! Fantastic will Resume and Sorry about the Delay! Oh, AND PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE!

Hi there! And greetings to our dedicated followers and readers! As the title announces, Fantastic will resume this week. This week’s comic would already be up if it were not for technical difficulties. The site went all sentient AI and tried to destroy the world. That and it tried to make us have a twitter account. I am happy to report that the site was defeated and has been restored to its proper state, so expect this week’s comic to be up later today.

As for the several week delay, we greatly apologize for it. We can honestly say we weren’t prepared for what occurred. One of the creators was in a car accident and the other creator’s tablet (used to convert the imagination into physical form) became broken. You can guess which of these emergencies that was the main source of the delay… It TOTALLY was the tablet that was the source of the egregious postponement of fantastic. Beware the tablets, they can be treacherous.  All joking (mostly) aside, I am happy to report that both of these emergencies have been resolved and that both creators are very much alive and are a 100% ready to resume Fantastic! A special thanks to all of our friends, family, and fans who have helped us through deeds, support, and most of all prayers.  All of you are Amazing and Awesome. Thank you!

As for future announcements concerning updates,  delays (Not that we are planning any! REALLY!!), and other news relating to Fantastic!, the best place to go to is the Fantastic! Facebook page. Trust us, you’ll know when you get there. Just look for the dinosaurs.

Finally,  we are pleased that with resumption of the comic, Fantastic is at last approaching its first story. For those not familiar with either of the Creator’s goals, we have been wanting to reach this point for a long time. I am excited to say that I am at liberty to announce that the first fantastic story will take place in the FUTURE and in SPACE…You know that thing, above us. Yeah, that! Rest assured we are both working hard to bring you a story filled with adventure, comedy, and fun! And possibly robots. We make no promises.


Thanksgiving Delay

This week’s comic will be delayed until December 3rd! We have a lot of intricate panels this time around, so things have been progressing a little slowly. We promise that this is a result of our attention to detail, so thank you for your patience. Have a great thanksgiving!


A New Fan Art Page!

Hello to our daily Wed-Ness-Day readers! We now have a fan art page so you can prove your allegiance to our comic! We’ll tell you how to submit stuff to us later. But for now we thank all of our most loyal fans who have surpassed the obstacle of actually getting something sent to us. From the two of us here, we thank you for your fidelity…Jacob.


And so it begins… I guess

Hello! Greetings! And Welcome traveler, come sit awhile and listen to obvious references people under the age of 10 won’t get anymore….BUT WELCOME NEVERTHELESS! To the webcomic called fantastic! It is with great pleasure that we present our magnum opus of webcomic genius. Note that this our first work, so raise your expectations. We hope you laugh, cry and have the feels while reading this riveting and gripping story. Or just laugh. Enjoy!